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How Jesus Helped His Disciples Increase Their Faith


“How Did I Get Here?”

Everyone, at some time in their life, will have doubts about their faith. Even Thomas, who was a disciple of Jesus, had his doubts. He needed to see the scars and marks in His hands and feet before he could really believe. He personally walked and talked with Jesus, seeing Him perform miracles and minister to the people, and he still couldn’t believe. After giving him the proof he required, Jesus told him to believe is good, but to believe without seeing was better. It is that concept of blind faith that can really start to wear a person down. You might even be at the point of wondering how you got to this point, and what you can do to really find the answers you seek.

Jesus has given many examples for us, being that He is the Teacher. When you find yourself starting to wonder, there is no better place to turn for answers than in His words. He was a gentle and loving leader, never forcing His will upon those He taught, but rather He showed them simple concepts that were easy to understand. As a follower and disciple of Christ, you should let His words and teachings guide you through this process, allowing Him to fix and heal the dent in your armor.


Being The Mustard Seed

In the book of Matthew, Peter confronts Jesus. Peter expresses that the crowds of people think He is one of the prophets, wanting to know if it is true. In His simple fashion, Jesus asks Peter for his opinion. Jesus was very fond of asking questions instead of making statements, allowing other to express how they feel and think for themselves. He understood that telling someone a fact doesn’t make it true to that person unless they believe. It was then that Peter declared, “Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God”, and Jesus blessed him for his faith. (Matthew 16:13-17 KJV)

Another beautiful example of faith can be found in Mark chapter 5. While walking through a crowd of people, Jesus felt someone touch Him. Being that He was in a crowd, the disciples thought it was an odd question, “Who touched my clothes?” A woman fell to her knees, admitting that it was her. She had been afflicted with a blood disorder and thought if she could only touch the hem of His clothes she could be healed. It was through her faith, knowing that merely touching the clothing of Jesus would heal her, that she was blessed. Jesus told her, “Daughter, thy faith has healed thee.” Jesus is telling us that even having the smallest amount of faith, even in something so simple, can heal our wounds even if they are not physical wounds.

Unfortunately, Jesus isn’t here physically to show you the nail marks and speak with you directly. Instead, He asks that we have the faith of a mustard seed. In Matthew chapter 17, the disciples were unable to remove a demon from a boy, even though they had previously been able to. Jesus told them it was their lack of faith. Even if their faith was as small as a mustard seed, which is only 2 millimeters tiny small, they would be able to move mountains. This means even if you can only muster the mustard seed, all things will be possible for you.


Growing The Seed Into A Tree

The more love you show your mustard seed, the better it will grow. Mustard trees can grow to be an incredible twenty-five feet tall. This is not the tallest of trees, but when you consider how tiny they start out, it is very impressive. This shows how much your faith can also grow if you will nurture it.

Always remember, Jesus never told His followers who He was. It is more important to their spiritual well being that they recognize who He is for themselves. Allowing them to think for themselves, He was allowing them to choose Him or another path. Forcing His will upon anyone would have been direct opposition to His teachings. While you are trying to figure things out for yourself, remember He will never force you to follow Him, but he has laid out His teachings in a plain way, easy to understand, if you will but seek them out. Perhaps making the decision to seek out His words will be your mustard seed.

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